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…..you’re still alive. Do you still remember when you always said to yourself that you don’t want to live anymore? You don’t want to continue your life?  You don’t want to fight anymore because you know, there are no people who cares for you?

I’d never love myself, NEVER, and I don’t know how to. As far as I know, there’s no reason for the other people to love me, I’d never took care for myself, I just let other people broke me, scattered into pieces, craving for so much more, and wanting new to this life. 

Sometimes, I always think, I don’t need other people to keep me motivated, but indirectly speaking, I want everyone to be in my side. I’ m afraid to try new things. I’m hiding to my safest zone, keeping myself in my broken shell, that people always break. 

Is anyone there still cares for me?

Obviously, none. 

Do I have true friends till the end?

For you, yes. But for me, none. Unless you told me your one of them, but just giving me some proofs wouldn’t be able for me to believe you. 

I’d just keep this to myself, all pains, all struggles and all heartbreaks. 

‘Cause I know, at the last chapter in my life.

No one would be there.

No one.


I cried.


Ikaw na nga ba ang hinihintay ng puso ko?
Ang nag-iisang tao na magpapabago sa mundo ko.
O isa ka sa mga taong sisira lamang ng buhay ko.
Kelan ko ba malalaman kung ano ang totoo?

Napakaraming bagay ang bumabagabag sa aking isip,
Naguguluhan at kung ano-ano ang lumalabas sa bibig.
Masasagot ko lamang ito kung hahayan mo kong masilip.
Ang puso mong hindi pa nakakahanap ng tamang pag-ibig.

Takot na takot akong umibig lalo na sa katulad mo,
Pero alam kong dadating ang araw na iniiwasan ko.
Ang araw na ako ay tuluyang mahuhulog sa kagaya mo,
Tama bang sabihin ko pa sayo ang sinisigaw nito?

Tinatanong ko ang aking sarili kung ikaw ba ay aking gusto
Ngunit ang isip ko ay nagsimulang magtalo,
Maaaring hindi ang bulong ng isipan ko,
Pero ang sinisigaw ng puso ko ay oo.


• aking tula tungkol sa pag-ibig,Version 2.0 •


Is it the smell of fresh flowers,
Or the taste of love in unending lovers
Maybe the touch of newly wed partners
That passes by in your corner.

She wouldn’t be great without your existence,
You’ll never be successful if she’s not around,
We’re a victim in an extraordinary accident.
The serendipity that happened after all.

Success is part of your accomplishments,
And wouldn’t be completed if you betray,
The fact that all different luck comes your way,
And this included the one you’ve always imagined.

Wishing memories from the past is just a nightmare,
Imagining an happy story whether you wanted it to be real,
But fantasies are stories we always expected to be true,
And Love belongs to all things which has to be right and fare.

No one knows if you two are destined,
Only your hearts know what it is.
Maybe, this isn’t the right time for you to reveal,
Because your trust for the other people isn’t surpassingly.

Imagine two people, attached by Him,
Two great souls, felt like heaven-sent,
The tight embrace they always feel when they’re together,
Is very priceless compare to others and satisfactory for forever.

Pasamasid feels

Holaaaaaaa. It’s already July 25 and we only have 3 days to practice more for pasamasid. We are quite excited but nervous at the same time. 

Y’know, we’ve place on ALPHA 1ST. Who would have thought? Actually. We always do the drill (CAT) whenever we have extra time at MAPEH Class for atleast 30 mins. And as Maam Manrique said, “Paanong di kayo gagaling?”

I found being at the ALPHA 1ST too pretentious. Maybe the fact that we are the ROLE MODEL for the said event. Honestly, we’re too dumbass➖sometimes. It’s a great privilege for us to be placed there. We’re so flattered, as in. Whenever we march in front, doing pasamasid sequence. Ohmygod. We’re so blessed, luckily, they always say good things to us. Like Very Good, Nice, Perfect. And praised by the Alumni’s. Who’s with me?😂😍💖

Negative Review. Actually, we should be in the Bravo 1st. But unfortunately, Section Amity, according to Mrs. Manrique. They didn’t done it well so they decided to replace them by us. We can’t avoid the fact that they might hate us. For their part, it was too embarassing, but as Sir Vlad said, ” Naniniwala na ako na wala sa section ang kagalingan ng isang tao, kung may marinig man kayo na hindi maganda sa kanila, hayaan nyo na, wag nyo ng patulan.”

Greatness. We don’t feel any pressure right now. Joke. We should take this seriously by this time. They trust us, especially Maam Sab, and we don’t want to turn them down. I know, this section is great, really awesome. I’m so proud that I’m part of this achievement. I know, We Can, We will do our part. Goodluck to us.

…..Y’feel me?

My Lola’s Playlist

Lola’s Playlist is a segment from the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga wherein kids from 12 years old and below can sing and listens to the music hits of 50’s-70’s. And this segment used to help Lola Nidora of Kalyeserye to relieved from SepAnx she feels when Divina (Maine) isn’t around.

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