Indigenous life

Happiness is self achievable– that is a fact. But I was never truly happy with my life. I am blessed for having such a comfortable lifestyle unlike others. But I feel like there is something I need but cannot obtain. I feel like there is something missing in me; at times, I feel totally empty. I have been needing love, attention, happiness and compassion my whole life. I cannot seem to understand why I am feeling this way.. I feel like there is too much sadness inside me and I cannot freely let go of it. I want to entirely open myself up to someone to be able to release whatever kind of heartache I’ve been holding on for so long. I have tried; I have tried to free myself from the sorrow that has always been in me but for some reason, it won’t seem to go away. I might me lucky/”blessed” for getting the things that I want, but I’m quite unfortunate when it comes to the things that I need. c MM