Sunday Currently Vol. 5

Hi Guys! Do you ever felt that moment when you just wanted to type anything you want? Well me? Yes! That’s why I’m here! Andami kong time, haha! It’s already our semestral break at FEU Senior High School, but we still need to go back tomorrow (October 23-24,2017) for our clearance day! Kinda nervous even though I know to myself that I’m complete on all the requirements (except those quizzes and performance task I’ve missed because of my absences) Just to let you guys know, we are on to the last week of October! Oh God, time really flies so faaaaast!

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The Sunday Currently Vol.4


Ciao! Even if I feel under the weather today, I also want to much productive as I can. Since I promised to myself that I will write frequently for this year, this is just a short update for my blog⚡

But by the way, thank you Diligence for another memorable moments earlier, really one for the books💛 Swimming na hindi naging drawing😭

ps: photos will flood

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