Set It Up: A Movie Review

What I hate about Romantic-Comedy movies are most of them are so predictable and have recycled story lines and plot twists, but this film released last 2017 by Netflix will turn your expectations to reality.

Harper and Charlie are overworked, underpaid personal assistants spending their life being a slave for their bosses who treat them like garbage and let them doing work around the clock. When they both realize that they wouldn’t suffer if their bosses, Kirsten (Harper’s boss who’s a famous sports writer) and Rick (Charlie’s boss who’s rage and hopelessly romantic businessman) weren’t single, that’s where they started to a plan to lure their bosses into fake romance.

This is the scene (that was part of their plan) where both of them purchased a softball game ticket for their bosses, and they talked to the event manager to do everythig to make the two bosses go for Kiss Cam.

In a span of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, this fast-paced film clearly gave me chills and non-existent loopholes that will make it different from the usual rom-com films. It’s widely relatable to those who works so hard and ended up being far to those they love. Basically, work’s eating up your time rather than spending it with your special loveones.

Also, this movie tackles the downfall of relationships in terms of career paths. Charlie’s exhausted from work but still manages to connect to her girlfriend, Suze—who seems serving cold treatment on him ‘coz she wants to work more to be rich. They ended breaking up because Charlie realized that she doesn’t want a woman to be with her just for money he’ll earn through his promotion, but he wanted to be with someone whose contented enough in life, like Harper.

Though at first, the characters didn’t rushed themselves to fall in love so fast. They just gave us slightly teasing and quick glances. Those little moments between Harper and Charlie slowly built up the excitement and questions if they will also fall in love like what they’re planning out for their bosses.


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