The Sunday Currently Vol.4


Ciao! Even if I feel under the weather today, I also want to much productive as I can. Since I promised to myself that I will write frequently for this year, this is just a short update for my blog⚡

But by the way, thank you Diligence for another memorable moments earlier, really one for the books💛 Swimming na hindi naging drawing😭

ps: photos will flood



joke lang, ipopost ko na lang sa facebook……




Some news articles for my Elimination Materials and latest news about the economy in our country for my A.P. class.

The Sunday Currently! I was actually supposed to sleep right now because we’re about to head my lola to airport tomorrow morning, she’s back to New Jersey. 😦

to Fra Lippo Lippi’s Angel, uggggggggh. Such a relief for songs like this, I’m fond of listening to old songs since then, you have to check out my past blog entry about that here.

about what will happen to me this year especially when this school year is already done……….😢✈ *

ps: just as the same thoughts, as always. For you guys to know, I cried earlier behind the pool, because……. I was too much thinking on what will happen to me soon. Pinepressure na kasi ako bes.


Eskinol scent, haha! I used to rub this product on my face after I took a bath, and eagerly smells it, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

for good grades, more stuffs, more love, more hope, more enjoyment, more adventures.

that we’ll not going to report on Tuesday, iyaaaaaaaaaaaak.

sando and shorts in this kind of temperature in this room, ang lamig lang parang yung pool ksnins, hays

the fact that I am currently happy with how things are going with me right now. I know people would say “Oh happiness is self-achievable; if you want to be happy, then go be happy. It’s easy as one, two, three.“ yeah right, I agree.. but that’s happiness in general. There are so many things that links with “happiness” and sometimes those things won’t go pleasantly all at the same time, and in some cases that could have an effect on a person’s current “happy” state to a moderate extent. Having said that, just because something didn’t go my way does not automatically mean I am unhappy and/or miserable. Right now, what I am trying to say is.. I am currently happy. Dami ko pa sinabi no? Well, apparently I want to express my stance about happiness and be objective about it. I want some people to understand that telling someone to be happy is not as it easy as it seems– since we are all different in many ways– I want some people to understand the actuality that the way they see and deal with things is not the same with others.

This topic is really good to think through and write about, especially if you will consider other people’s point of view on it. Let me allot some time to write about this soon. I am also interested in (different) people’s opinions about “happiness” and the “quest” for it.

to lose weight. I don’t eat that much this vacation but I feel like I gain more(?) But on a different note, I want too many luxury things that I will possibly get this year.😅😍

some much needed rest and sleep, pa-zombie na ang lola mo. Worth it naman ang pagod and puyat lately.

happy! 🙂 Well let’s just say I finally had the strength to leave something behind; something that’s been putting me down for the longest time. Tamang tama, bagong taon na! It’s the perfect time to cut all negative ties off our lives.

wait, I, will edit tomorrow hahahahaha

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