…’re still alive. Do you still remember when you always said to yourself that you don’t want to live anymore? You don’t want to continue your life?  You don’t want to fight anymore because you know, there are no people who cares for you?

I’d never love myself, NEVER, and I don’t know how to. As far as I know, there’s no reason for the other people to love me, I’d never took care for myself, I just let other people broke me, scattered into pieces, craving for so much more, and wanting new to this life. 

Sometimes, I always think, I don’t need other people to keep me motivated, but indirectly speaking, I want everyone to be in my side. I’ m afraid to try new things. I’m hiding to my safest zone, keeping myself in my broken shell, that people always break. 

Is anyone there still cares for me?

Obviously, none. 

Do I have true friends till the end?

For you, yes. But for me, none. Unless you told me your one of them, but just giving me some proofs wouldn’t be able for me to believe you. 

I’d just keep this to myself, all pains, all struggles and all heartbreaks. 

‘Cause I know, at the last chapter in my life.

No one would be there.

No one.


I cried.


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