Pasamasid 07•29•16

Here it is. The much long-awaited event of the year so far, the Pasamasid, tribute for our very own Mrs. Teodora Asidao, RMHS’ T.H.E. Department Head, is now retiring after so many years that she served on our government as a well-respected teacher.

Experience. Omg. I’m telling you, it was a great privilege for us,especially when they placed us (Diligence) at Alpha 1st? The feels myghad. And I can’t even help but to smile when I heard Maam Manrique saying, ” First Platoon, Grade 10 Diligence,” while we’re doing the handa-kanan-tingin in front of the whole people, celebrating that day.

Double Celebration. It’s Louisse Dominique’s Birthdaaaaaaaay, we have so many deym reasons why this day is very special to us.

(This is the video I created for her and I also used this when I greeted her on facebook. Sorry gurl.😂)

Diligence. Here are the some photos that day. I didn’t crop it for some reasons (one of it was I’m very lazy to do that). And I created a video about what happened that day.

After Pasamasid. Creds || jezzuh.
Yaaaaaaay credits: Ate Sam


I don’t want to share everything. The other pictures I captured are for my personal consumptions lol. But apparently, We have two more Pasamasid for this school year, so,let me depart alone. Char😂

Love you guys,


Check out my video here👇


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