Is it the smell of fresh flowers,
Or the taste of love in unending lovers
Maybe the touch of newly wed partners
That passes by in your corner.

She wouldn’t be great without your existence,
You’ll never be successful if she’s not around,
We’re a victim in an extraordinary accident.
The serendipity that happened after all.

Success is part of your accomplishments,
And wouldn’t be completed if you betray,
The fact that all different luck comes your way,
And this included the one you’ve always imagined.

Wishing memories from the past is just a nightmare,
Imagining an happy story whether you wanted it to be real,
But fantasies are stories we always expected to be true,
And Love belongs to all things which has to be right and fare.

No one knows if you two are destined,
Only your hearts know what it is.
Maybe, this isn’t the right time for you to reveal,
Because your trust for the other people isn’t surpassingly.

Imagine two people, attached by Him,
Two great souls, felt like heaven-sent,
The tight embrace they always feel when they’re together,
Is very priceless compare to others and satisfactory for forever.


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