Pasamasid feels

Holaaaaaaa. It’s already July 25 and we only have 3 days to practice more for pasamasid. We are quite excited but nervous at the same time. 

Y’know, we’ve place on ALPHA 1ST. Who would have thought? Actually. We always do the drill (CAT) whenever we have extra time at MAPEH Class for atleast 30 mins. And as Maam Manrique said, “Paanong di kayo gagaling?”

I found being at the ALPHA 1ST too pretentious. Maybe the fact that we are the ROLE MODEL for the said event. Honestly, we’re too dumbass➖sometimes. It’s a great privilege for us to be placed there. We’re so flattered, as in. Whenever we march in front, doing pasamasid sequence. Ohmygod. We’re so blessed, luckily, they always say good things to us. Like Very Good, Nice, Perfect. And praised by the Alumni’s. Who’s with me?😂😍💖

Negative Review. Actually, we should be in the Bravo 1st. But unfortunately, Section Amity, according to Mrs. Manrique. They didn’t done it well so they decided to replace them by us. We can’t avoid the fact that they might hate us. For their part, it was too embarassing, but as Sir Vlad said, ” Naniniwala na ako na wala sa section ang kagalingan ng isang tao, kung may marinig man kayo na hindi maganda sa kanila, hayaan nyo na, wag nyo ng patulan.”

Greatness. We don’t feel any pressure right now. Joke. We should take this seriously by this time. They trust us, especially Maam Sab, and we don’t want to turn them down. I know, this section is great, really awesome. I’m so proud that I’m part of this achievement. I know, We Can, We will do our part. Goodluck to us.

…..Y’feel me?


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