The Sunday Currently Vol. 1


This is itttttt. First volume of my Sunday Currently! All Blogger’s usually do this(including Maine😍)WEEKLY. (literally, it’s entitled with sunday duh) But not always, if I’m too tired to do this, I’ll gonna skip that day. Well, I have no choice😂 So by now, ’em gonna mess up with things around me. Let’s just get started.

Earlier: Twitter posts from my beloved fandom, Aldub or so-called-Maichard Nation. After what’ve happen yesterday in the 9th Monthsary of our idols. Congrats to us, we made it to 9M. Luckily, Maine noticed our achievement last night. Nakakamiss talaga magbeastmode sa twitter.😂 and Congrats pala sa kanilang 2. Omg, another Award *slowclap*
By now: Rainbow Rowell’s Landline. Georgie isa TV Script Writer, inspired😍

in my first edition of SC. Last week, I about to write a SC Vol. 1 but I didn’t have a blog site that time. So by now, I have to accomplish this😆

to the songs in my Maichard Playlist. Relieved:oops: I used to listen on 90’s music. Time to change it to new ones;)

and talking a lot about the future lately. There’s a lot on the docket for 2016, and I can’t wait to share the journey here.

like one of my summer trip for this vacay is to visit ALL FALLS in our Province. 1 down. 7 to go😍

to stop being so lazy! I’ve been really lazy ever since the last school year ends. I’m planning to workout this coming week, but I think, it has no use, I wouldn’t lose weight at all. Hays😭😪

to get everything accomplished on the list I’m forming in my head. I need to do those things, or else. I’ll messed up things starting this next SY.

Artwork Shirt and RMHS Gr8 Jogging Pants, Jogging Pa more😆😂 I really miss doing this everyday.

Maine and Alden all the way. Too many barriers are on your path before you reach your dreams. Especially you, Meng. Just always remember, ADN/MCN are here for you guys.💘

Free reservation in Broadway Centrum for Eat Bulaga or a free ticket to Santorini, Greece. I really wanna go to that place, especially, Paris, France. Dreamer feels

To continue drinking water, and actually, drink even more. I’m getting back into the habit, thankfully. It’s summer time niggas.

Dizzy and Pissed off, dysmennorhea feels. After 4 months. Finally, I already have that ‘red days’ tho.

Through my updated list of blogs to read. I’m excited to keep up these reads and draw inspiration from them throughout the year.


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